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Our Objective is to increase profits to individuals and small business 


Due to the late economical troubles many countries have been experiencing, businesses around the world are evolving, they are looking for ways to cut costs and improve productivity and many have turned to home-based employees like FREELANCE MENIA.


FREELANCE MENIA provides administrative professional services for small businesses to increase their profits.


We are self-employed who uses on-line and phone communication system to render professional administrative services to individuals and small companies on temporary work for a short-term rather than  long-term without the commitment of employing, we work on specific projects or assignments remotely done from the convenience of our home.


You need someone who thinks ahead of you and takes care of details so you don't have to worry about them.


You need someone who is familiar with and strategically use the common on-line system to automate and build your business.


Do you have an over-load work and it's giving you all the stress and chaos, we can make all your troubles disappear.


Have a look at our services page that includes many  management tasks and much more. 


Contact us for a free consultation, we can provide you with  a comprehensive review of your business objectives and how we can help you with your goals.

   Administrative assignments and projects

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