Have it neatly typed and ready for mailing in no time! so that urgent e-mail is just a phone-call away.


We live in a “now” society and with so many people using email, it’s important you stay on top of it. Emails should be responded to within an hour, how are you doing? We can regularly check your email, respond where we can and notify you of urgent matters as they arise. This is a great service to consider if you are going on vacation or are often away from your computer.


1. You've missed out on opportunities because you forgot to follow up or didn't have time to submit a proposal.

2. You've sent out articles, proposals, or other important correspondence with spelling or grammatical errors.

3. You haven't sent out your "monthly" newsletter in several months.

4. You often work evenings and/or weekends to stay on top of administrative tasks.

5. You have projects requiring skills and/or software that you don't have.

6. You have lots of great ideas for your business, but no time to carry them out.

7. You haven't updated your website in over a year.

8. You've been procrastinating about tasks on your to-do list for several weeks - or longer.

9. You've had to turn down opportunities because you couldn't figure out when you would do the work.

10. You'd love to take your business to the next level - if you only had the time.


Perhaps you need a handwritten document typed. Email it to us and we will type it and either email it back to you or print it on your letterhead and put it in the mail for you. If you’ve typed up a proposal or a manual that needs to be formatted, simply e-mail it to us and we will give it a polished finish and send it back to you. We can even convert a document to your own choice and making file transfers quick and easy.


Do you wish you had a personal assistant to schedule your appointments, remind you of important dates and send thank you cards on your behalf?  We can take care of all of these things and more. Anything you have an in house assistant take care of can be done virtually…except brewing the coffee!


If you’re on the road a lot, chances are your cell-phone is often out of signal range and there is no one in your office to take a message should that all-important client call. With the call answering service provided by many us, you can divert your calls and rest assured that with an annoying automated answering device. Your messages will be passed on to you in order of importance and you won’t need to sort through lengthy messages on voice-mail.

And many other skills that you can think of ................................


 Our Prices are negotiable depending on the tasks we will be providing and if they are specific projects or assignments.

 A simple administrative task varies between $5/hr up to $75/hr it will be calculated upon our Free Consultation.










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