Terms and Conditions Definitions: The party receiving the services will be referred to here as the “client.” The party who will carry out the work will be referred to as the “service provider.” Service Agreement: The client must consent to this service agreement before any work is carried out by the service provider. After the client signs and submits the Submission Agreement, he or she is bound by these Terms and Conditions. Additional time to fulfill the agreement may be required when unforeseen circumstances lead to an inability to complete the project on time. In these cases, a new delivery date will be agreed on by both parties before any further work is carried out. The service provider reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. Delivery: Completed work will be delivered by email to the client. All changes made to the original file will be documented by Microsoft Word. The client may request a PDF file of his or her work, in addition to the Microsoft Word document, for a fee of $2.50. If the edited material contains any further errors, the service provider will correct them free of charge, if notified within 10 business days of delivery. After this point, no further liability will be placed on the service provider. Payment: The client will be responsible to submit 50% of project payment prior to start of project and invoiced for the additional 50% of project payment once project is complete. Payment is due within 7 days of the invoice delivery date. The client will be subject to a $25.00 late payment fee if complete payment is submitted after 7 days from receiving notification of completion. The client has the option to make payment by bank to bank transfer, or Western Union No personal checks or credit cards are accepted. U.S. currency only is accepted. Content: All material of the services are to remain the property of the client. The client reserves the right to accept or decline any changes that were made to his or her original document by the service provider. The client also reserves the right to have his or her work edited or proofread by another party in the future. By choosing the service, the client is not guaranteed publication of his or her work and may not hold the service provider responsible for non-publication. The service provider reserves the right to return any material that is deemed illegal or inappropriate. In this case, the client will still be held accountable for submitting payment for the portion of the project that the service provider has reviewed and proofread thus far. Confidentiality: All work is handled with discretion and the service provider will not disclose or distribute any of the client’s work to any other party. __________________________________________ Signature __________________________________________ Date
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