He travels frequently and hates coming home to piles of bills, unheard telephone messages and thousands of e-mail. Bill works harder and harder spending most evenings and weekends doing administrative chores and spends the workday servicing clients. No matter how hard he works he cannot get ahead. He begins to suffer from the symptoms of stress. He can't sleep, doesn't bothers to eat regularly, he suffers from anxiety to the point of feeling paralyzed when confronting the mess on his desk.  He wishes Superwoman really exists so that she can swoop into his office and rescue him from the foot high stacks of paper on his desk that are threatening to topple over. He tries to keep up at best as he can but soon he is so overwhelmed that he turns away paid speaking engagements in order to do administrative work.

         Can you identify yourself in this position?  Do you dread opening your office door because it isn't a pretty sight?   Hopefully you have a friend like Freelance Menia.     After months of trying Freelance Menia he thought of how tired he was and how unhappy he seemed.

After he confides in his newly hired Freelance Menia he gets silent and stares at the table for he found the solution that will relieves him of his stress and allows him to pick up more speaking engagements.

        What is this magical solution? It is Freelance Menia Once you are in his position.  Freelance Menia handles all of your administrative and marketing tasks in addition to answering the phones from a remote location. The benefits of working with us becomes clear, you only pay for the hours that we work, as all other benefits or taxes are not an issue. You begin to think about all of your tasks you can outsource to a us that would allow you to take on more speaking engagements. You also realize that Freelance Menia can make your research and manage your overload work, this explains that Freelance Menia can handle a multitude of tasks and skills that you can think of.................



                      You want to look more alert and happy.  We can organize the work that needs to be turned over when someone is hired. Finally, you tackle those stacks of paper on your desk and the dust bunnies with gusto.

Within just a few hours you are ready to delegate work and create a set of tasks that we will handle daily, in addition to the daily work we also motivate and support you in your business goals, your live is improved and businesses grows at a fast pace.

If you can identify with this story then you need us. Don't let money issues hold you back.  Seek out and hire us - that will help you avoid going crazy and you will be glad you did!



















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